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Full Policy Management 

Choosing to work with the Cooper Rose Digital's all-in-one policy management system, you can simply and efficiently manage the complexity involved for all interactions required throughout the end-to-end lifecycle of your insurance policies.  Catering to all types, including: single line, single state or multi-line, multi-country. Flexible configuration is supported for personal, commercial, specialty, whole life, and term life lines.​

  • Manage and track insurance related workflow processes like quotes, referrals, cancellations, renewals, claims or MTAs (Policy Endorsements) 

  • Full customer and policy centric database views. KYC driven dashboards.

  • Lloyds of London, ACCORD, NCII reports are just some that can all be quickly configured into your solution

  • Manual, automatic or upload data entry is all configurable

  • No more siloed databases for your products! User friendly search facilities are possible at quote, policy and customer level to view all your data in one dashboard.

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